The Believe B60 Charity Run 2017

Touched by the difficulties and hardships faced by the under-privileged like the elderly folk and children from broken families, the Warriors decided to elevate their club to a greater cause by volunteering to organize a running event to raise funds for the beneficiaries of the CCSS (Care Community Services Society). 100% of donation raised through corporate and individuals will go to CCSS directly.
The event expenses including prizes are offset by sponsorship from B60 generous corporate and individual sponsors.

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Event Details

Date: Saturday, 16 September 2017

Time: 7am

Venue: Singapore Sports Hub

CCSS Programs

CARE Kids - CareHut

We run school-based student care centres which cater mainly to children from low-income and/or single-parent families. Known as CareHuts, the centres provide care and supervision for children after school and seek to create a safe and nurturing environment for the child'e character development.


Our Seniors Activity Centre (SAC) reaches out to elderly living in rental blocks near our Centre. We seek to actively engage the elderly and to empower them with a renewed sense of purpose.

CARE Prison

In partnership with the Singapore Prison Service, our team of social workers and caseworkers help ex-offenders re-integrate into their families and society to start life afresh.

CARE Youth

We aim to create positive changes in the lives of youths-at-risks through school-based social work. We provide a variety of groupwork (ReARTiculate and Chemical X) that aim to help these youths discover and develop their innate potential. d'Klub, our community-based social work aims to inspire and motivate children from disadvantaged families to rise above challenges and achieve their fullest potential.
This free programme consists of an hour of 1-to-1 tuition, followed by an hour of games and character development.

6 fun things we do at a charity run

Come join us in this fun filled event!


Thank you Spinergy!

Taking it to a whole new level! New B60 logo, website & registration 2017. Thank you Spinergy for making it possible for us!

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A fresh and exciting event in the making!